OUR WORK IS HERE among the trees. So are our homes, families and the communities in which we live. But it's not just our quality of life that depends on the forest. At the nexus of agriculture and manufacturing, Michigan's forests play a major role in the state's economy and, in turn, quality of life of its citizen. Michigan citizens use sustainable forest products every day, consuming 800 million cubic feet of woods products each year.

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2012 MFPC Annual Report            2013 MFPC Annual Report   

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The Michigan Forest Products Council (MFPC) continues to lead the way in representing the state's entire forest product industry value chain. 

The future is bright. Going forward into a new era, manufacturing will focus attention on increasing success in four key areas: economy, access, sustainability and transformation. As we move into the future of our industry, MFPC will continue supporting its members through a positive approach to problem solving and change, taking initiative, creative thinking and solutions. 

Our work is ongoing, but I am proud of the progress we have made in the past year and our continued success as a key component in this state's economy. As we move into the next year, I anticipate the progress and challenges yet to come. 


PAST CHAIRMAN || Michigan Forest Products Council 


  • Vacant || TREASURER
  • Vacant || SECRETARY
  • Todd Johnson || PAST CHAIR
  • Kurt Bisballe
  • PRESIDENT || Bisballe Forest Products
  • Gerry Grossman
  • Grossman Forestry
  • Annie Hussa
  • LAKE STATES REGION MANAGER || Hancock Forest Management
  • http://htrg.com/

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