The Michigan Forest Products Council Foundation is a non-proft 501(c)(3) organization committed to its mission to educate and inform Michiganians about the benefits of sustainable management of Michigan's natural forest resources. 
MFPC continues to be a successful advocate of Michigan's forest economy by training its focus on three strategic areas of industry growth:  Supporting our working forests.  Promoting business competitiveness.  Ensuring sustainability. 
Composed of commercial and individual landowners, private forests make up the largest proportion of Michigan's 20 million acres of forestland. MFPC works on behalf of landowners to increase benefits for active ownership, and provides education to help landowners manage properties to meet best management standards. 
MFPC actively promotes the family-sustaining employment of Michigan's loggers. Each year Michigan's 1,500 logging firms produce around 4 million cords of fiber, providing the necessary resource to manufacture our everyday products. MFPC is a leader in protecting fiber industry jobs, increasing logger safety, and educating loggers on certified sustainable practices.